Since 2000 Personal Büro has been working with ferrous and non-ferrous metals on its own 4500 sq. metre factory based in Latvia. We also work at our clients’ facilities based in EU countries and Scandinavia: in factories, shipyards, ship boards, drilling rigs, barges, and pipelines. Our company is managed by experts with wide experience in metalworking, therefore we can guarantee that even the most complicated orders will be completed on time and to a high standard.

Our clients take advantage of the opportunity to move metalworking to outsourced companies: they save time and resources, use our expertise, gain access to large manufacturing capacities and high-quality products.

At our factory we only use modern equipment that is updated annually to maintain the high quality of our work. The production process is fully certified in accordance with EU standards.

What we specialise in:

Metal structures for marine and offshore industries, oil and gas industries, wind and crane construction, automotive industry and agriculture, woodworking equipment, construction industry

Transportation equipment

Spare parts for mining equipment

Platforms, containers, and other welded steel structures

All our workers have the required qualifications, experience, and education. In some cases we assemble a team of experts who are qualified in the production of a specific product, so we can guarantee the best result for our clients. We are ready to work either with semi-finished products or with individual orders. It’s important for us to bring to life all the wishes of our clients. Turnaround time is negotiated individually, but we always meet the deadlines. Due to innovative technologies, we can offer favorable prices for our services.

The services we offer:

Automatic and spot welding MIG/MAG, TIG, MMA - ISO 9606-1

Plasma, autogenous/fire cutting, sawing

Subcontracting or general contracting at our factory or the client’s location

Surface treatment (shot blasting, hot galvanising, metallisation, and painting)


Steel grinding

Metal sawing

Drilling and stamping

Turning and milling of metal (small parts) on CNC machines

Cleaning, grinding, heat treatment for CNC machines

Sheet metal bending and rolling

Construction equipment rental


Guillotine cutting


Our production is secure, efficient, and eco-friendly!