We have an individual approach to each of our customers. However, our working principles always remain unaffected:

Efficiency. We value your time as well as ours and are aware of the cost of a working day in production. That is why we are always on time.

Professional competence. We can guarantee the qualifications of our specialists, because one of our main goals is your satisfaction.

Safety. We have an official license to operate in Latvia and Germany. As a result, both our employees and our customers are legally protected.

Welder, metalworker, straightening of metal structures

Our welders can fulfill orders of any complexity. Your specialist knowledge is proven by the international standard certificate EN-ISO 9606-1. Every worker can read technical drawings and evaluation reports. Certified welders work according to the Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) - the official welding guide.

We can provide you with specialists for all types of welding: ММА, MIG/MAG and TIG, submerged arc welding, argon welding and spot welding.

We trust the qualifications of all our welders as we train them in our own school. If you require additional confirmation of qualifications, our staff will complete additional exams to obtain the certificate you need.

Operator blasting agent cleaning (shot blaster, sandblaster)

We only employ experienced and qualified blast cleaning workers. They are all familiar with the mechanism of operation of sandblasting machines and the rules of blasting.

We pay particular attention to safety precautions - all our workers wear helmets and protective clothing when working.

Installer of ventilation systems, air conditioning systems, piping systems and fire alarm systems

We choose a ventilation and air conditioning installer who specializes in your type of equipment. Our specialists work quickly and efficiently and do not waste their time on additional training.

Any specialist from our database can create professional circuit diagrams that mark complex transitions. It is important that our specialists can not only install your technology, but also carry out aerodynamic tests and set up the installed systems.


Our carpenters work with different types of wood and have a deep knowledge of their properties and processing methods.

There are many unique aspects to woodworking, which is why we strive to find the right worker for each customer's needs. One professional may be an expert in installing wooden windows, while another may specialize in wall and floor construction.

Regardless of specialization, all of our carpenters are familiar with technical drawings and are meticulous, robust and physically fit. We know that these properties are also important for fast and efficient work.


We hire professional wood and steel grinders.

Our employees are masters in their field of surface processing and grinding. In addition, they can check the accuracy of the grinder and troubleshoot a variety of problems.

We thoroughly check each candidate's work experience and their practical skills.

CNC machine operator (Sawing, bending, guillotine, drilling, lathe, milling, boring)

Dozens of qualified CNC machine operators are stored in the PersonnelOffice database. This diversity allows us to hire workers who are experienced in operating a specific brand of machinery.

Our operators are technically skilled: they can read technical sketches, work with AutoCAD and adjust machine tools. To trust each worker, we test their ability to maintain long-term concentration and their speed of response to emergencies.

Operator CNC plasma machines, lasers and autogenous cutting

We are hiring experienced and qualified operators of plasma, laser and oxyfuel cutting machines.

For this work, a master must be particularly focused and have in-depth knowledge in this area, therefore all our employees are trained and trained in our factory.

Every employee knows the machine control programs, controls the quality of the cutting and can identify technical problems in good time.

Assemblers of metal structures

When hiring fitters, Personal Büro takes into account the experience and skills required to read schemes - all our specialists can work with welding machines, flame cutting and pneumatic grinding machines. Every worker is trained to operate a crane.

We also pay attention to the physical training of our workers, because the speed of work directly depends on the physical condition of the worker.

Painters, painters for metal structures, car painters, varnishers

Our painters and decorators can color anything from a fence to a ship or bridge. They work in various areas of industrial painting and use either manual methods or airless sprayers.

All of our painters can work on steel surfaces professionally - degreasing, laminating, filling and sanding. They can also advise you on which color is best for each material.


We offer you electricians who feel confident in handling all electrical devices. Sometimes malfunctions in electrical systems can bring a company's operations to a complete standstill, in which case our employees provide quick and qualified help.

The electricians can carry out diagnostics and repair your devices, lay cables and electrical wiring.

Our employees know the safety precautions and always comply with them.

Construction workers, clinker workers, tilers

Qualified construction workers who are familiar with various technologies are in high demand.

During peak season it can be difficult to find professional builders, bricklayers and tilers. That's why we offer customers the most convenient way to commission these professionals - to purchase them from us as a third-party service.

We guarantee that our employees have extensive experience and can start working immediately.

General workers, craftsmen, unskilled workers, assistants

We carefully select candidates for the position of general workers, i.e. we check whether they have relevant experience and good physical fitness.

We offer you the best workforce who have experience and skills in your field, so our employees can start immediately without additional training.

Cleaning person

The cleaners in our database have extensive experience, confirmed by excellent reviews. All employees undergo additional screening to determine whether an applicant is fast and efficient enough, what equipment they can clean, and what workload they can handle.

As a result, you get the employee who can handle the workload and keep your office and production rooms in order.

The successful operation of your warehouse depends on the qualifications of personnel, equipment and the correct organization of work.

Logistics, commissioners, fitters, warehouse managers

The successful operation of your warehouse depends on the qualifications of your staff. We carefully select logisticians, inspectors, fitters and other warehouse workers, taking into account their personal characteristics and background.

We are looking for candidates who are conscientious, attentive and responsible, as these qualities are very important for this type of work. That's why our customers gain employees who can fulfill all the tasks set.

Packer, filler

There are many profiles of experienced packers and fillers in our database.

Many years of experience prove that they already know the main requirements of their work: they work quickly and effectively.


When selecting the right employees for the position of a sorter, we take into account the specifics of your production.

If a job requires standing on your feet for long periods of time, we offer physically resilient candidates; For monotonous sorting that requires a high level of concentration, we select attentive and precise employees.

All our sorters have computer skills and relevant experience.


Our shippers safely unload and deliver all types of goods.

All employees know and follow the rules for loading and unloading - this prevents unexpected, accidental damage to cargo.

In addition, our shippers are in good physical shape; they are strong and resilient.

Loader drivers, electric car drivers

Each of our drivers has at least 2 years of experience as a loader driver. That's why we are confident in their skills and driving abilities.

Our company provides candidates who drive all types of loaders: electric, diesel and gas vehicles, forklifts and hydraulic carts.

Each of them is capable of replacing and installing removable gripping mechanisms as well as identifying and correcting problems.

We recruit staff for you, both for long-term and temporary positions.


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